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    Used Clothing Wholesale large stock quantity Second hand Clothing

    We are specialized in selection, treatment and recycling: second hand clothing, used shoes, used bags, used belts and home fabrics. We are your perfect used clothing wholesale.

    Italian Textile Recycling is a young and dynamic company that operates in the recycling and wholesale second hand clothing stock, used footwear and home textiles.

    We take care of the entire production cycle, from the collection of disused clothing to sanitation, selection, packaging and subsequent wholesale sales. We also import original material from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

    This allows us to offer our customers always various products of the highest quality.

    Second hand Clothing Working Processes


    The recycling of used clothes favors the environment since the new use of the fabrics are made clothes, without having to use other material. It is a considerable saving that allows you to create new wealth starting from the already existing one.

    The Italian Textile Recycling recovering disused used clothing supports an important project in the field of recycling, reducing the environmental pollution of textile waste through regeneration and reuse, creating at the same time new job opportunities in the sector.

    messa in riserva e sanificazione


    USED CLOTHING, that coming to our factory are
    stored in the reserve area and then inserted
    in the sanitation booth where the process takes place
    Ozonation by means of an Ozone generator a
    cold plasma, able to reach that environment a
    sufficient ozone concentration to guarantee
    an effective antimicrobial action destroying
    bacterial and viral structures.



    We offer different categories of
    used clothing selected by type
    product and quality based on the different
    customer requests and markets

    imballaggio e spedizione


    Second hand Clothing for the Italian and European market
    It is packaged in cardboard boxes or bags
    transparent from about 40kg, according to the request of the
    customer while clothing for export
    It is packaged in 45kg pressed “ballette”
    or in big bales of 400kg. Thanks to the collaboration
    with industry-leading transport companies we offer
    an excellent shipping service or
    terrestrial throughout the world.

    Our company is authorized by the province of Turin to put in reserve and treat non-hazardous waste (Code CER 200110 – 200111) with registration in the Provincial Register of Companies that carry out recovery activities as per art. 216 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 and subsequent amendments with the number: 119/2013 of 14/11/2013 and regularly registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers (registration no. TO24836) that allows us to be able to transport this waste and collaborate with several municipalities in Northern Italy and commercial activities in collecting this material.

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