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    Used Clothing Extra Cream

    Used Clothing Extra Cream like new, superior quality and current fashion. Carefully selected 99% new items. Contains exclusively branded clothes, big names and cartellinated garments.
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    Line Extra Cream Summer Man / Woman

    Used Clothing Extra Cream, inside there is
    men’s clothing (10%) and women’s clothing (90%).
    Includes: Lightweight Jerseys, Skirts, Dresses,Light Trousers, Jeans, Short Shorts, Shirts, Polo and
    Short sleeve T-shirt

    Line Extra Cream Winter for Man / Woman

    Inside there are men’s clothing (10%) and clothing
    woman (90%) and includes: Jackets, Heavy Jerseys, Skirts, Dresses
    Winter, Jeans Pants, Shirts, Polo Shirt and Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Line Extra Cream Kids Summer

    Summer used clothing is a definite product
    of “tip” or much requested by the Italian market
    and International.
    Inside you can find children’s clothing
    girl and includes: Short Shorts, Polo and
    T-Shirt, Jeans, Blouses and Dresses, Skirts
    and light cotton sweaters

    Line Extra Cream Kids Winter

    Inside there is a child / girl’s clothing
    and includes: heavy blouses and dresses, heavy knits,
    Jeans Skirts, Jackets and Trousers

    Line Extra Cream XXL

    Clothing like new. Mixed Winter / Summer assortment.
    Contains only strong sizes (XL, XXL, 2XL …) e
    includes: Short Shorts, Polo Shirt and T-Shirt, Jeans,
    Blouses and dresses, Skirts, Cotton sweaters
    read, vests, heavy knitwear, long sleeve T-shirt.

    Line Extra Cream underwear

    Mixed Assortment Man / Woman